Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My honey is the best

Happy Valentines Day! I have the most wonderful honey ever. He works so hard for us and is a wonderful daddy to our little girl. He does everything he can to help make me happy and I love him a whole bunch.

For our special dinner, I made a ham. My first one! Matt got a gift certificate for a ham from his work for Christmas and I finally got around to making it. (P.S. I was shocked at how much this ham was. $55! But luckily for us it was free.)

If anyone wants some ham, come on over...we'll be eating ham for the next week. I also made quinoa, salad, green beans, and rolls. It was yummy!

My honey got me the best Valentine's Day present ever...Tahitian black pearl earrings!!! I seriously have always wanted black pearls. I don't know why, but black pearls are really the only piece of fine jewelry that I've ever wanted. They are so pretty and I love them. He also got me some grape soda in bottles so we could make some adventure badges with the bottle caps (like on the show Up). How cute is that?

And he also got me some of these...

I feel so spoiled. I got Matt this lame-o video game that he really wanted. He was super surprised though and loved it. And Emmy made him a silly card. She kept wanting to put flower stickers on it. :)

Anyway, it was a great Valentine's Day, and I am lucky to have such a wonderful honey!

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