Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding festivities

It will probably take me several posts for the wedding, but here's a few from some of the wedding festivities...

Here are our wonderful parents doing their tributes to us. My mom wrote a great poem. It's a bit long, but I wanted to post it.

On this your joyful wedding day
You begin a brand new life.
Friends and family give their gifts
To the new husband and wife.

But the greatest gift you’ll ever get,
A gift from heaven above,
Is love forever, ending never,
Everlasting love.

It all began in the singles ward,
That great big ocean of fish.
Where Christy and Matt hooked each other
And obtained their fondest wish.

They started dating in all due time
And got to know each other.
Christy brought Matt over to the house,
To meet her exceptional mother!

They learned that much to their surprise
They both enjoyed hiking.
What’s even more?
They also like biking.
They just needed to add
Swimming to the list,
And they would become
A trialthlonist.

And who ever would have guessed
Such a die-hard BYU fan
Would succumb to the charm
Of a U of Utah man.

Despite their team allegiance
Or their alma maters name.
Their love will hold them steady
No matter which team wins the game.

So things went along
Progressing quite nicely.
People watching them
Even said it was spicy.

Then off to California they went
To the beach filled with stars.
This night is magical.
This night is ours.

Then right in the sand
Matt got down on one knee
And romantically said
Will you marry me?

You can imagine Christy’s response
On that starry night.
Yes I’ll marry you
It was just right.

The next day in the castle
Christy got a Mickey Mouse ring
She wore it until
She got the real thing.

Disneyland really is
The happiest place on earth
I have two wishes for you,
Whatever it’s worth.
The first one is that
You can find
The joy I’ve found with my love,
He’s one of a kind.

So my princess and prince charming,
Filled with life, love and laughter
Spend the rest of your lives
Living happily ever after

Isn't that stinkin' adorable? My mom rocks!

We cut the cake of course and only a little of it went down the front of my dress.

Scott played "Better Together" for us on the guitar.

Rachel sang The Hawaiian Wedding song accompanied by Patrick on the ukelele. I love that song!

Garrett was our emcee...he is so funny!

We presented the bouquet to Almarie Barnard, who I am happy to report has successfully gotten engaged approximately a week after receiving the bouquet. Oh...the power of New Year's resolutions! The garter went to Raymon Naisbitt, who when he was 14, predicted he would marry in the year 2008. C'mon've got 5 months left!
More wedding pictures to come...stay tuned.


Lawana said...

You don't have a memory post, so I'll post here. I remember all the new things you would try, for instance, food. You would try all kinds of recipes and make fun smoothie concoctions for us!

caron said...

Those are fantastic pictures! I do love your photographer. She did a lovely job!!

Lively's said...

I am surprised Melissa isn't on your case yet for not putting pictures of her on here! Just kidding! Well maybe I am... :) Anyhoo... cute pictures!