Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Livelys come to CA

Matt's parents and sister came to California last week to go to Disneyland and stuff, so we went down to meet up with them one day. Emmy loved showing Grandma, Grandpa and Melissa all her favorite rides. And begging Grandma to buy her a treat! Ha!

Zach even convinced Grandpa to take him on the bumper cars. I love how he is looking up at Grandpa while driving around in the bumper cars. He sure loves his Grandpas!

It was sooo hot and crowded but we still had a fun time!
Then on one of the other afternoons they were here we went on a whale watching boat. We didn't see any whales, but we saw tons of dolphins. Emmy and Zach weren't too impressed with the boat ride (or their life jackets), but I loved being out on the water!
After the boat ride, we went to Ruby's Diner on the pier in Newport for dinner. What a fun place! We watched the sunset and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Emmy and Zach loved having Grandma and Grandpa and Melissa in California. Even though we only got to see them for less than 2 days. Emmy keeps asking when they are going to come back and says that she misses them already! And Zach kept calling them Bamma, Bampa, and B-wissa. It was hilarious! And he kept saying that Roxy (their dog) was coming too. To help him eat his birthday cake. Haha!

It was also fun having them here for Zach's birthday! We miss having family around for stuff like that. Come again soon! It was fun!

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