Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas this year was fabulous! We were so spoiled and had so much fun visiting with all of our family. We started off the festivities by dressing Emmy up in her cute Santa dress and taking a picture by the Christmas tree. She wasn't very happy about that plan.

Then we headed off to the Livelys and tried again.

Emmy loved their Christmas tree! We had a fun Chinese dinner and watched some Christmas movies.

Then it was time to open presents! Emmy was so funny opening her presents. One of the first presents she got was a little doggie. She loved it!

After opening a couple of presents on Mom's lap, she decided to help herself to the rest of the presents under the tree. She would go grab one and start opening it as fast as she could.

And then throw the paper up in the air. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever and I let her open some of mine too so she would keep doing it. It was hilarious!

After awhile we put Em to bed so we could open our own presents.

Then we played Settlers and ate fudge and cookies. The next morning Santa came to our house!

Em wasn't nearly as excited about opening her presents this time.

She just kept looking for her doggie and her baby. And then she carted them around all morning.

We finally got her to open some presents on Christmas morning. She loved this fun animal magnet book.

Matt got his favorite and cookies!

We then went to Matt's parents' church to hear their choir program and then went over to the Shepherds for more presents and Christmas dinner. Buddy the Elf made an appearance.

He came to give Matt a Christmas gram. He got a Noodles gift card and some syrup. Rivers was pretty funny opening his presents....he would tear off a small strip of paper and then hold it up for everyone to see.

Em kept looking for more doggies, seriously as she was opening each present she kept asking, "doggie? doggie?". She thought all her presents were going to be doggies. But then she consented to read books.

We played games and ate snacks for the rest of the day. On Monday we headed down to my grandma's house for the big extended family party. It was a great Christmas. We had so much fun and then we took lots of naps on Tuesday.

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Kristen Brady said...

So fun! I love that red dress - too cute! Isn't Christmas so much more fun once they get excited about the gifts?!!!?